“Ritorg-Service” executes ritual services on the basis of pathologoanatomic departments of health prophylactic institutions of the Chief Medical Centre of the General Management Department of the Russian Federation President, and if necessary, at homes. We have great experience and all the possibilities to arrange and conduct burial rites in any premises of the city of Moscow.
The building of pathologoanatomic department of the Central Clinical Hospital, with its two chambers spacious enough for both burial rites and religious rituals, can be used for farewell rituals at the same time and separately. Stained-glass panels in each room create unique interior atmosphere and the real concert organ in the grand hall makes it possible to arrange rituals accompanied by natural music performed by soloists from the Moscow Conservatory.


Orthodox funeral services patronized by the Moscow Patriarchy are conducted in the Chapel of the Resurrection of the Christ, and here family farewell rituals can be organized.
Besides, our agency has worked out and has constantly used the process of false cremation. Descending elevators with a coffin in both halls allow to arrange the final farewell ritual without any repeated procedure in the crematorium, and we shall provide the relatives with all the necessary and correctly made documents on the cremation; they are to choose the urn where the ashes will be placed, and the coffin with the body is cremated on the same day.
“Ritorg-Service” is a constant participant and several times has become of the annual exhibition “Necropolis” in Moscow. For innovations and multi-year charity work in funeral business in Russia our staff was prized with a Grand Golden Medal of this exhibition, in the nominations:
• for ritual services provided in complex
• for the decoration and design of the halls and for the organization of farewell rituals.
Our qualified and efficient personnel will take all your burdens and will solve all your problems associated with funerals.

Let us share your distress and mourning –
we are ready to assume all the difficult and sad works:

414–00–01, 414–05–47,
8 499 149–99–81, 8 499 149–72–74.



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